Dagliljer - V-W-X-Y-Z-Æ-Ø-Å


Vanilla Fluff

Vanilla Lace


Velvet Robe

Velvet Shadows

Venetian Fringe

Very Berry Candy

Veuve Joyeuse

Victorian Principles

Villa Vanilla

Vincenza Mennella

Vino Di Travis

Violet Hour

Violet Stained Glass


Vivacious Spirit

Vivid Imagination

Voila Francois

Volcano Queen

Voodoo Dancer

Vulcan Logic

Waiting for Peace

Walking in Beauty


Walt Disney

Walter Kennedy

Wanda Memorial

Watermelon Taffy

Waxed Mint

Weaver's Art

Web of Illusion

Wellspring of Wisdom

Whale Tails

Wheel of Time

When Royals Dream

White Base

White Lemonade

White Noise

White Temptation

Wild and Wonderful

Wild Horses

Wild Wookie

Wildest Dreams

Will Return

Willie Markus

Wilson Spider

Wind Frills

Wine Delight

Wineberry Candy

Wings of Smoke

Winsome Lady

Winston Churchill

Winter Palace

Winyah Stranger

Wiregrass Greenstar

Wisest of Wizards


Witches Brew

Wizard's Wish

Wolf Eyes

Wonder of it All

Worth it All

Worthy One

X Factor

Yabba Dabba Do


Yazoo Star Fire

Yellow Bouquet

Yellow Submarine

You Angel You

You Glow Girl

Young Cha

Your Angel

Zona Rosa

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Nyeste kommentarer

06.10 | 19:31

Hej Finn Jeg er interesseret i at købe nogle liljer. Hvornår er de til salg?
Mvh. Mikael

17.09 | 20:43

Hei , sender du til Norge

13.09 | 08:55

Jeg har sendt dig en mail ang. denne daglilje.
Har du denne til salg??
I givet fald er jeg interesseret i at købe 3 stk.

19.07 | 22:31

Hejsa har du nogle dagliljer til salg? Mvh Jakob