Dagliljer - P-Q-R

Paige's Pinata

Pale Moon Windmill

Pandora's Box


Pardon Me

Party Popper


Passion's Promise

Pat Garrity

Pat Neumann

Patchwork Puzzle

Pathway to Paradise


Patrician Splendor

Peach Magnolia

Peachy Hager

Peacock Maiden

Peggy Bass

Peggy Jeffcoat

Pele's Tears

Penny Pinsley

Persian Market

Persian Ruby

Petra Kirchhoff

Phantom of Gascone


Piano Man

Picture in Picture

Pimiento Pepper

Pink Cotton Candy

Pink Damask

Pink for Two

Pink Puff

Pink Stripes

Pink Super Spider

Pinwheel Princess

Pirate King

Pizza Crust

Plum Brandy

Plum Line

Polar Picture

Polish Coctail

Polka Time

Polynesian Love Song

Ponkan's Lucky Charm

Popcorn Pete

Powerful Woman

Prague Spring

Prairie Belle

Prairie Charmer

Precious Candy

President Ronald Reagan

Princess Diana

Princess Ellen

Priscilla's Dream

Priscilla's Smile


Pumpkin Burst

Pumpkin Kid

Punxsutawney Phil

Pure and Simple

Purple Waters


Quack Fire

Rachelle Agin

Radiant Greetings

Radioactive Curls

Raging Tiger

Rainbow Candy

Rainbow Frost

Rainbow Warrior


Raspberry Beret

Raspberry Candy

Raspberry Fields Forever

Raspberry Flambe

Raspberry Mountain

Raspberry Wine

Raspberry Winter

Real Wind

Red Cup

Red Eyed Shocker

Red Garland

Red Rain

Red Ribbons

Red Rum

Red Suspenders

Red Waves

Refiner's Fire

Regency Heights

Regent Street

Renegade Ranger


Rhapsody in Time


Riders of the Storm


Rings of Glory

Rock around the Clock

Rock Candy

Rock Solid

Rocket City

Role Model

Romantic Rose

Rose Cherub

Rose Emily

Rose Festival

Roses in Snow


Royal Braid

Royal Eventide

Royal Exchequer

Royal Fire

Royal Occasion

Ruby Clare Mims

Ruby Spider

Ruby Storm

Ruffled Apricot

Ruffled Pinafore

Rumble Bee

Russian Easter

Russian Rhapsody

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17.04 | 17:46

Ja - tilbuddene gælder stadig på de fleste dagliljer. Dog kand er være nogle som er udsolgt for i år

17.04 | 11:10

Gælder dine tilbud på dagliljer stadig?

22.03 | 07:51

Ja, det vil være muligt at sende til Norge

20.03 | 21:59

Kan du sende til Norge?

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